Who is Frankie Parker??

I was an expat working and living in London for over 10 years.  After being made redundant in early 2011, Mr P and I decided it was time to move back to New Zealand.

So accompanied by our two little boys, Son no 1 and Son no 2 we have swapped the leafy part of south east London were we lived to a much warmer and leafy part of Auckland.  Where just like where we lived in London there is more money, 4x4’s, Botox and fake boobs that you could throw a stick at.  However unlike London we have a beach on our doorstep and palm trees in our garden.  What’s not to like?

I enjoy all the good things in life, like food, wine and more wine...  Have a lot of opinions, most of which according to my husband are unfounded.  Enjoy nightly rants at the News much to the amusement of my husband and family. 

So why start blogging?  Well you can check this out for reasons why I started my blog if you like. 

I write about anything that takes my fancy, not really a mummy blogger more of a generic blogger.  But be warned the occasional post about my kids may turn up.  But don’t worry they aren’t usual cutesy!

So sit back, grab a drink and happy reading...


Frankie P xx


Anonymous said...

hi Frankie, i am trying to get hold of you, as i am going through the same thing with my daughter with her jaw.... and you stopped blogging... did you have an op? how did it go??? how is he now a year on??? i would love to hear from you..... a worried mum in london - sonia


Anonymous said...

Hi Frankie, how are thing going? What have you been up to?