Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Help, I 'm turning into one of those mums....!!

Heaven help me, who would have thought it? But it seems that I am slowly turning into one of those mums... You know those shouty mouthy mums who take their little darlings to their sports every week and then decide to shout at them and tell them how to play? In our case it’s the nearly 6 year olds first season of playing hockey. Its proper hockey with sticks and mouth guards and I am finding myself on the sidelines yelling at him “to hit the ball”, “watch the ball” and my favourite “what are you standing there for?”! So while I stand there getting all hot and bothered about it he is nonchalantly standing there, singing to himself or using his hockey stick as a ninja sword or light sabre.. Arrgghhhh!!!

Quite ironic really as I have been spending the last couple of weeks telling everyone about an annoying shouty dad at swimming! Who likes to yell in his very obvious accent (let’s just say he is from a very, very, large country in the north Atlantic!!) swimming instructions to his son while he is having a lesson.

Hmmm, what can I say other than “hello pot this is kettle”!!

To make matters even worse is that I have no idea what he should be doing as I have never played a game of hockey in my life. I have had to watch a few games (under duress I may add...), due to Mr P having played it since he was a nipper but that’s it! So not only am I the shouty mum shouting at her son I am also the shouty mum who actually has no idea what she is shouting about!!

How bad is that??

I suppose we can blame my slightly competitive nature, yes I like to win or to at least do well if I can’t win. So I want the same for my sons, I want them to do well, their very best.  I know the nearly 6 year old can do better, that he can actually hit the ball quite well, I just want him to do it on the field each week!  Mr P is quite relaxed about it all and thinks it will just sort itself out and the game will just click for him. I hope so and if it doesn’t then fine at least he tried...

My sister who watched his games last weekend was “polite” enough to point out that he is not the only one on the field looking like he can’t be bothered.  Mind you I don’t think the parents of the children she was pointing out where that impressed with her pointing this out!

So Mr P thinks it is best that I give the games a miss for the next few weeks.  Just so the nearly 6 year old can ease himself into the game without his fishwife of a mother shouting at him.  

Good news, it should give me enough time to read the hockey rule book......

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Silent Sunday

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Silent Sunday

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Silent Sunday

For more great Silent Sunday posts pop yourself over to Love All Blogs...

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 3 May 2012

“You did WHAT with the Lego”

If you are a hardened Lego geek then this post comes with a warning.  As this post contains Lego and glue, yes that’s right Lego and glue!

So you may be thinking “What are you doing!!”  But as I sit surrounded by boxes of Lego, instructions and glue on my table it all makes perfect sense to me.   That I have had enough, no more will I have to hear cries of “Mummy Lightening McQueen is broken can you fix him” or “Mummy where is the rest of my (..Insert any name of a fiddly piece of Lego...)!!”   Now I don’t mean gluing together your general Lego blocks I am talking about the kits, Star Wars, Cars 2, Ninjago, Super Heroes, Lego City etc.  You know the expensive bits of Lego that you painfully put together only for them to be broken 10 minutes later.  Then the painful cycle begins...

I don’t care if the main reason that Lego is a favourite toy worldwide is because of the ability to reuse the bricks to build new things.  Quite simply I have had it!  There are only so many times one can rebuild a Star Wars fighter, helicopter etc before one completely loses the plot with the dam stuff. 

Now don’t get me wrong I do love Lego myself and can spend hours playing with it.  After all I am the designated Lego builder in our household and enjoy nothing better than getting a new kit and putting it together.  Perhaps that is why I get so anxious when the boys start playing with it knowing that they will eventually break it.

So over the last few months as the boys attentions have gone from one piece to another I have secretly hidden them away.  Plotting on how I am going to do this, waiting until the time is right when I can sit and glue the pieces together.    

So time for a gut check, do I still think it’s a good idea? Yes.  Do the boys think I am crazy? Yes.....   Does Mr P think I am bonkers? Yes... Do I want to back out? No....!  It just needs to be done for my sanity if nothing else....

So here goes.....

PS.  Here’s a tip just in case you think “wow what a great idea”.  Don’t glue the piece completely together, leave a few pieces unglued so if it drops it will break but not shatter...