Sunday, 6 November 2011

"Walking thru an empty house, tears in my eyes...... This is where the story ends"

My dearest London,

The time has finally come to say goodbye. Our home is no more, all it's content packed up and ready to be shipped. Every room empty now, filled only with echoey silence, no sign that it used to be our home.

What can I say, its been a blast my old friend. From being a gateway to Europe for all our travels. To the dodgy pubs and clubs I have crawl out of at some ungodly hour. From fine dining to the old faithful local greasy spoon. To the great shopping on the High street, from cheap as chips, designer stuff, M&S food and underwear. I will miss all of this. To providing me with the excellent care to allow me to have our two gorgeous boys. To, of course, all the great people I have met and the good friends I have made, I will miss you all so much.

So thank you London for making the last decade, my thirties a truly memorable time.

Of course it hasn't always been good, there will be things that I will definitely not miss. From the snow, god how I hate the snow. How the whole city, no country, grounds to a halt is
beyond me! To the endless football coverage, dodgy summers, overcrowded tubes, tourist packed streets. No I won't miss them at all.

So yes I will miss you dear old London but as the song goes "this is where our story ends".

So now on to the next chapter and to whatever it may bring.

Yours truly

Frankie P xx


Stigmum said...

London will miss you Frankie P, and so will I, knowing you aren't in it. A fabulous life and adventure awaits you where you are going, lucky city, lucky folk in salubrious bars and fine restaurants!
Wishing you all the best and you know, there's always snow on the south island if you really miss it. So lucky you can choose!!
Be well mamma, lots of love xxx

Almost bedtime said...

Good luck with your move, Frankie P. It always seems so daunting when you are all packed up and you are waiting for the next chapter in your life to begin. It will be filled with fun and laughter and lots of wonderful adventures to blog about. Take care!

Twopointfourchildren said...

Good luck Frankie hope you all settle inwell xx

Mari's World said...

Ah, you're making me all tearful now. I've been thinking about you and wondering what stage you were at, wishing you all the very best on your next chapter and hope we manage to stay in touch via blogs, I'm still subscribed so look forward to you landing in my inbox one day xxx

Actually Mummy said...

Same! I will still read your blog and get jealous of all your new experiences! Good luck xx

Fox in the City said...

Such an exciting time for you!! I can't wait to hear how you settle in and see some magnificant photographs as well.

Musings from a mum said...

Wow, it's come round so fast. Good luck with the move! I'm sure everything is going to be fab and I look forward to reading about it!

Maria Jose and Little M said...

I'm sure you are back and like me having reverse culture shock! I hope all is going well and the transition is going good. xx

About Last Weekend said...

Yes there were things I missed about my 15 years in London, great sense of humour, shops, newspapers - all 12 of them every day- and the green green parks. Do not miss, dog poop everywhere and rude bus drivers, though when i went back this year both seemed to have been eliminated...and sods law - of course the weather was spectacular!

Emma said...

What a lovely post... I will also be singing that song for the next week or so! Thanks for the ear worm! Hope the move went well, can't wait to hear all about it... There is going to be another FP blog isn't there??? Nudge nudge... (when you get the time of course!!) Emma xxx