Friday, 10 February 2012

The Procrastinator within..... Part two..

Note to self..

You really need to do it!  You can only put it off for so long!  You know he is more than ready for it so why are you dragging it out as long as you can?

There are no more excuses you have used them all now:

“I can’t just yet as we are moving back to New Zealand”

“Wait a week or two until he is settled”

“After Christmas, after all we have a return 10 hour drive to deal with”

“Once the school holidays are over when there are no distractions”

No it has to be done, after all his brother was done much younger than he is now and it went okay. 

So what is stopping you?  The mess, the staying in, the running round after him, checking up on him, what?

“So what is stopping me?”

It’s kissing goodbye to his babyhood and recognising the little person he is becoming.  It’s like watching him ride off on his bike without me for the first time, watching him jump into the pool without me to catch him and loving it.   It’s realising that soon he will no longer need me as much as he does now. It’s another little step towards his independence.  Its all this and much, much more....  

Because he is no longer our little baby!

Of course I have many more excuses in my head why to put it off for another month or so.  Perhaps wait until we move at the end of this month?  

But no, I know it needs to be done.  So this is the weekend to do it....

Potty training here we come!!


BavarianSojourn said...

Good luck! No time like the present! My Son was great initially, but then decided he was far too busy to go to the loo, and we had lots of accidents. Just carry around lots of spare clothes! You know anyway, you've done it all before. I also prescribe you wine! Emma :)

Anonymous said...

I guess it has to happen sooner or later!! That's a very cute picture.
CJ x

Offcumden said...

Good luck! You'll be fine. Just be calm and patient and it'll all slot into place.

Frankie P said...

Thanks ladies for your comments..

Emma - Wine is already in the fridge ready to go...

Misha - TheBlingBuoy said...

I only have one more to potty train after training 3 others... but am finding it harder because we're never at home (because the other 3 are so busy!). I'm sure I'll get to it... eventually. :)

Stigmum said...

Ha ha ha ha;) so glad I don't have to go through it again! Ditto Emma and the wine!