Friday, 11 March 2011

Who am I and why a blog?

Q: So who was I?
A:  I was a full time working mum of two boys living in London and trying to balance it all. 
Q: Who am I now?
A:  I am now a stay at home mum of two boys having just been made redundant (last week) and trying to adjust to a new way of life.
So that is me, having worked all my adult life I am now jobless and have made the rather daunting decision to stay at home to look after my boys.  Which to a lot of mums and dads out there would seem like a sensible idea but to me I am not sure.  Work was and is an important part of who I am.  It kept me sane in the midst of all the juggling, it was where I went to be me.   But I am going to park that bit of my life for a while and concentrate on my fabulous boys.  As I always knew from when the eldest was born that this day would come about.
So this blog is my way of trying to replicate the daily chit chat by the water cooler\printer\photocopier or the frequent soapbox rants that used to occur due to the injustice in this world.  Not to mention to bore everyone with the daily ups and downs of having two energetic boys to look after.
So this is my story on moving into a different phase of my life, I am just not sure if I am ready for it yet.

P.S..  Needless to say my husband is ecstatic about it as it means he no longer has to help with the nursery\school run or sick days.


PENGUIN73 said...

Glad to be along for the ride with you. As a first time Mummy I am also fresh out of work and miss the company of adults very much. How are you finding things so far?

Stigmum said...

I was made redundant following full time love it job and curiously, very curiously, for staying at home is not the easy option some may think, I erm, I erm, I look forward to your daily chit chats and soapbox rants!

Frankie P said...

hi there, it certainly isn't that easy. three months on and i am still struggling with it...

Stigmum said...

It's a really tough job isn't it, even tougher to do well (which I don't, I just get by, my son doesn't mind...) so I do get really angry when parenthood, in particular motherhood, is not recognised as work. For eg, I asked a housing association if I could have one of their flats. "Do you have a job?" said the man. "Yes, I'm a mother." "Not that kind of job," said the man. My son (2 at the time) and I were facing homelessness and wasn't allowed to apply. Grrrr.
Blogging will save your sanity; it's productive, creative and flexible, perfect really, allowing you to enjoy your other roles (phewee)! Good luck!