Friday, 24 June 2011

The Elephant

Yes darling
Why were you and daddy talking loudly to each other?
It’s nothing for you to worry about.  We just can’t agree on a very important matter at the moment
Is it to do with me and Cameron?
No of course not, just me and your daddy being silly
Is it to do with the elephant?
Huh..  What do mean the elephant?
You know the one that you said is always in the room.  I can’t see it?
Oh honey that is just something that we grownups say.....
Why would you say it then if there isn’t an elephant in the room?  You know mummy I don’t think we could get an elephant in here?
Well that is just as well then as we won’t be having one in here
Oh……   So we won’t be getting an elephant?
No honey as I said it’s just something grownups say when there is a big problem they need to sort out and they can’t agree on it
Why, what’s with the face?
Hmm, I told everyone at school that we were getting a elephant
Okay, and?
Well I told everyone they could come round and feed it
But we aren’t getting one so you will just need to tell them that they can’t
Hmmm does that mean I have told a lie?
No of course not
But you told me if I said things that wasn’t true then it was lying
Yes darling that is true but you didn’t lie
Yes darling
I don’t want an elephant anyway what would we do with all that poo?


Mañana Mama said...

Bless! I reckon a scientist in the making. Or a barrister...

Frankie P said...

Think it will be a barrister, the way he trys talk himself out of things..

Thanks for stopping by..

Emma said...

Brilliant! I love the way their minds work sometimes! Emma :)

Sarah said...

That is pure gold... Gorgeous!

Frankie P said...

Cheers guys, wish i could of captured the look on his face when he was trying to work it all out... x

Stigmum said...

Fantastic!! With my boy too, the endless questions that often ends up with 'poo'. Your son has a very valid point though, should the invisible elephant ever materialise!

Frankie P said...

Hmm, the elephant has materialise a couple of times but then quickly disappears as neither of us can agreed on what to do and it all gets a bit too shouty for the kids... Its all about going back to NZ...

Fox in the City said...

Ah, that is so sweet! I love how literal they are . . . when mummy says something about an elephant in the room we must be getting one.

Mari's World said...

I love conversations like these. Great photo you've used too :) said...

So funny x I just love to talk with young children they are so cute x