Thursday, 13 October 2011

“Oh my dear, how I have been neglecting thee.....”

Crikey, I can’t believe that it has been over two weeks since I last posted something or even been on Twitter. There was a brief period of “oh no what I am missing out on” but that soon went and then I realised that I had so much stuff to sort out. So it has been a bit of a hectic and exhausting two week to say the least.

Hectic, as I have been trying to sort everything out for our move back to NZ before I leave for Bangkok tonight for my brother’s wedding! Oh yes nothing like having a holiday 4 weeks before you permanently leave a country but when I booked it back in August we had no idea that we would be moving back to NZ in November.

Exhausting, as we thought it would be a good time to move our little terror, that’s Son No 2 into his own bed. So for the last two weeks we have been getting a morning visitor at 5.30am who doesn’t believe in going back to bed. In fact he doesn’t believe in going to bed at anytime of the day now.. Oh, he used to be such a good little sleeper..

But it’s all coming together nicely and we will be sorted for our big move. It still feels very daunting and the excitement is yet to kick in but I am sure it will happen soon.

So thank you all for your comments, normal blogging service will resume shortly and apologises if I don’t get round to commenting over the next few weeks..

So now I just need to pack a bag and remember my passport...


Stigmum said...

With all that on your plate I'm not surprised we've not seen you in cyberspace!!! Blimey woman!! Nothing like a holiday before a permanent move and Thailand! What a place to clear the head if ever there was one! Have a brilliant time!
My son used to be the world's best sleeper, Into bed at 7, zonked out by 7.30. All change... Last night, about 5ish, came into my bed and hogged the whole space so that's where my sleep ended!!
You're a brilliant commenter. Go now, take a break, then tell us all about it when you are either back, or as you'll be well busy then, home! It may well feel daunting until you are actually on the plane and there's no turning back so just breathe through it, the excitment is there!
Congrats to your bro, enjoy the wedding and see you soon! xxx

Frankie P said...

Hey Stigs, thanks for the comment.. I feel shattered, can't wait to be sitting on the plane might get some decent sleep... See you when i get back.. and try and stay out of trouble xx

Offcumden said...

Good luck with the move. Hope your holiday is relaxing!

Our son went through a phase of not sleeping when he went into his own bed. We initially put a stairgate on his room so he at least stayed put! He eventually settled down and now there's no stairgate and he stays in bed. We did have to buy a Gro clock and I'd recommend them!

Mammasaurus said...

Cripes Missus you have a lot going on at the moment! But what exciting times - enjoy the wedding x

Mari's World said...

Glad to hear it's all moving along nicely, have a fab time in Singapore, I love a good wedding, one day I'll get round to organising my own :)
Take care of number one we'll all still be here and persevere with the sleeping he'll exhaust himself sooner or later surely?

Offcumden said...

Good luck with the move! I am presenting you with a Liebster Blog Award because I love reading your blog.

magi said...

Enjoying reading the blogs. Great tips. Thank you.
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