Monday, 19 December 2011

Bah Humbug.......

Well it seems that I am a bad mother, yet again!  According to Son No 1 life is not fair and it’s entirely my fault.  Of course being this time of year it has to do with Christmas or in our case the lack of anything Christmassy in the house.
Him: “Mum, why don’t we have a Christmas tree this year”
Me:  “I thought we wouldn’t bother since we aren’t going to be here for Christmas, your auntie will have one up when we get there”
Him: “That’s not fair, what about decorations?”
Me: “What about them?”


Him: “Mum, why don’t I have a chocolate calendar?”
Me:  “Because you don’t need one.”
Him:  “But everyone at school has one”
Me:  “That’s nice for them but you don’t need one, we didn’t have them in my day”

Now before you think that yes, I do in fact deserve the Bad Mum of the Year award and that I am a pretty miserable person, let me explain...

I don’t get Christmas or more the point I can’t see the point in it.  Apart from the religious side of it that some people still celebrate, what really is the point?  Ask any child nowadays about what Christmas means to them and it will all be about the presents.  Surely this alone shows just how commercialised the whole festive season has become.  Is there really a need for shops to start displaying Christmas decorations or signs in September other than to try and get the early dollar off us mere consumers?  The consumers, who at the first sign of anything Christmassy in the shops start to panic and so the list making and present buying frenzy begins. 

Yes it’s a time of year that for most will get a few days off work and have the opportunity to catch up with family and friends.  But I am sure for most people they can do that at any time of the year and not have to pay over the top in doing so.  I for one do not need advertising companies and stores telling me what I should be doing and what I should be spending my hard earn cash on.  You know the lists in the papers and magazines of those “must have gifts”, really?  If I am going to be forced into buying presents for my children then I will buy what I want them to have or what they need.  As the food, do we really need to eat all that food which in most households goes to waste?

Let’s also not forget that for some this time of year is not that festive.  It is proven that at this time of year domestic violence increases, while hospitals are overloaded with drunks.  Some families will have to choose whether to buy presents or pay those important household bills.  Parents will be getting stressed with the fear\pressure that the children can’t miss out on the top toys\gadgets\clothes.  After all what would the other school gate mums think if little” so and so” doesn’t have the must have toy or shoes..

Really is it all worth it? 

So yes I really don’t see the point and can think of better things to do over this period but for the sake of the boys and my family I will be going thru the motions this Sunday.  Especially as it will be our first Christmas back in NZ with the boys.  So we will have the presents, eat all that unnecessary food, try not to argue with each other while having started drinking mid morning.  After all it’s Christmas and no harm in having a wee drink after breakfast! 

But I will also be looking forward to the time I can tell my boys “look he just isn’t real” and that friends and family are important all thru the year not just at Christmas.  That they need to appreciate what they have and that presents don't represent how much someone loves you.  That the latest must have "whatever" doesn't make you a better person.

Also in case you are wondering I also don’t see the point in Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween either!


Stigmum said...

You've hit the nail on its head (she says, freezing fecking cold in so called heated flat but won't turn up heating cos an arsenal kit costs £60. 60 fecking £) but saying that, I'm a sucker for Christmas. Total. Utter. "Mamma," says my son. "Tell me the truth, father christmas isn't real is he?" and I bail out, 'what do you think..'. I know, I know I know I know....
This year my son went up the wall when I bought a religious calender instead of chocolate one, but like you say, it's become one big commercial rrrrrargh and I flipping buy into it it.
I did buy a box of quality street though so when he opens a window he gets one of those...see...
Have a great day. At least it's not at your house...that's work isn't it..flip. Enjoy your boys' excitement, and more than anything, enjoy the wee tipple! Cheers! xxx

Actually Mummy said...

Oh dear I feel a bit sad now. I love love love Christmas, just to see the excited faces of the kids - and not just for the gifts, but for the Cristingle service, and the shoeboxes they made for disadvantaged children. And also for the ritual - it's not often I get to see my children in all their innocence believing in the dream. As well as that I love the time we get to spend together just playing games and watching films. I do agree though that they can do without lots of the commercial stuff, and I always get them a traditional calendar. And they are completely overhyped and rude now, so we have to go back to frugality and running in the park :)

Anonymous said...

Hope Mr P read this and now understands why Father Christmas didn't leave him anything this year!

Anonymous said...
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