Monday, 16 May 2011

Our Unconventional Pet

We have a new pet it seems.  He is not your usual pet.  He lives in the dark and is only allowed out by mummy and daddy. 
They take him out when we are asleep as we want to play with him all the time.  This makes mummy and daddy ever so angry as he is supposed to be playing with them.  They tell us when we are older we can play with him as much as we want.
He doesn’t eat much and is ever so tidy.
If we are lucky to be up when he is out we can’t wait to play with him.  We pat him, we stoke him.  We even pull his tail or lead him by his nose.
When it is time for him to go back to bed we give him a farewell hug.  And if he has been good we may even give him a kiss.
“Night night ‘enry”

Love F & C xx


Sarahmumof3 said...

awww, every house needs a pet henry :) xx

Stigmum said...

And a very loyal pet Henry is too, we're very lucky!

Frankie P said...

they are very obsessed with him, with the other hoover they could not of care more.

Fox in the City said...

Ah so cute! My kids love our vacuum and it doesn't even have a face on it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know ... I heard Henry sucked. (That's a LOL if he is a vacuum cleaner, crickets if he's something I'm too dumb to recognize!)

Debbie said...

My nephew (2 1/2) is obsessed with their Henry too. He has his own toy one and a desktop one,but likes nothing better than going in the cupboard to hug the real one!

Frankie P said...

I did think of getting the toy one for them but i would have to get two!!

Mañana Mama said...

Cute! A great pet - we used to have one. Easy to feed, requires occasional walks.