Friday, 1 April 2011

New first for me...

Well I had my first experience today of having to do the school run with a hangover and it wasn’t fun at all.  Didn’t really plan to go out and get drunk last night, it just kind of happened as all good things do.  The nursery that my boys went to held a quiz night and auction to raise money for one of the young workers who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.  So it was to be a sensible night with one or two glasses of vino but the glasses were replaced with bottles and a sneaky rum or two.  I did suggest to the husband that he do the school run for me and then go into work late but that was met with a deathly stare and a “ Are you serious!”
It was a bit tricky having to pay navigate the narrow streets around the school and trying not to fall asleep while leaning against the classroom but I got there in the end.  I think next time, and there will obviously be a next time, I will have to plan my morning strategy a bit better.
Finally a big Hello to the Ladies that are in my Comment Group.  I have looked at all your blogs and feel somewhat embarrassed about the lack of creativity on my site so I will have to look at sorting that out soon.   I don’t really have a creative bone in my body so it may take a while as where do you start???


Emma said...


Hope your head is better today ;)


Frankie P said...

Hi Emma,

Thanks, much better today. Amazing what some sleep does.


cheekymama said...

Hey Frankie, nice to meet you. I replied to your comment about the horse poo.

And oh yeah, the drunken school run. So been there, not pretty ;-)

Don't worry about how your blog looks for now, just get into the flow of blogging, keep a note of blogs you like and if they've listed their designers or not. Sometimes all you need is a good template.

Welcome to blogging and our comment group :-)

from Babes about Town

Mari's World said...

Hope you're feeling better now I had a massive hangover on Wednesday which wasn't planned and these days it take longer to recover. Urrghh.
Love your blog. The list of what you can do is endless and you'll pick it up as you go along but beware, it's addictive and time consuming.
:)Just ask away

Frankie P said...


Thanks for your words of encouragement, they are much appreciated


Anonymous said...

Hi, glad to have found you! And of course you're creative - you have a blog don't you?! That's a pretty creative thing...

PENGUIN73 said...

I am here - sorry it took a while!
Have not had a hangover for as long as I can remember but I can imagine your pain that morning!
Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog and getting to know you better x