Thursday, 14 April 2011

On the Brink...

My little darlings
It is only day 3 of the Easter holidays and already you are driving me to the brink of despair.  Actually I would go so far as to say that I am tethering on the edge right now.  You must remember that this is all new for mummy as well.  Back in the good old days I would be at work and you would both be in nursery.  So while you are both tucked up nice and snugly in your beds I thought I would put a few pointers together for you both that we can discuss over breakfast:
1.      No means No!
2.      Nagging to have the iPad\laptop\telly will not work, see above.
3.      Mummy is always right
4.      The toilet is not a play area
5.      The bath is not a pirate ship, also if you can climb in you can climb out
6.      No means No!
7.      Do not play with the taps, especially the one that is marked Hot!
8.      Share, share and share.  Just remember what happened to Eeyore this morning (he ended   up in the oven!)
9.      If you want to go outside without socks, shoes or jackets on, so be it but you will be cold.  Remember mummy is always right
10.  Do not rip the wallpaper off the wall
11.  Holidays should be a happy time so no tantrums and tears are allowed
12.  Son No 2 - remember hitting or throwing a toy when told No is not allowed
13.  Finally remember No means No and Mummy is always right!
Love you both..
Your mummy xx


Mañana Mama said...

Please can you send this memo to my two - especially the bit about no meaning no (surprisingly complicated concept). Good luck with the remainder of the Easter hols!

Mrs E said...

I love this!!! Very amusing! x

Frankie P said...

Thanks, I need all the luck I can get..

Mari's World said...

If it works please let me know! I'm tearing my hair out here and we have no holidays as they're not a preschool yet

Super Amazing Mum (Super AM) said...

This made me chuckle! I am SO with you!!!

Anonymous said...

I was chuckling when I read this. I may have to forward this memo to my two nieces who are about the same age as your children.