Friday, 8 April 2011

Should I care?

Got a newsletter thru this morning from Son No1 school saying that for the royal wedding the children can come to school on the 29th dressed as if they were going to a wedding or if they were a King, Queen, page boy etc.  Great I said somewhat sarcastically with rolled eyes.  That is now two outfits I need to sort out as they are doing something similar at Son no 2 nursery.  Now of course they are both entirely optional dress ups but we all know that it will be expected and if you were just to send them off in jeans and a shirt then there will be the tutting of disapproval as you didn’t make the effort for the wedding...
But really do I or should I care?
Now I do believe I am a bit of a monarchist since as I do come from a commonwealth country where the Queen is the recognised head of state.  Our history lessons at school were intertwined with the history of Great Britain, kings and Queens, both wars that sort of thing.  The traditions and pageantry are all rather fabulous. Also let’s face it Harry has turned out to be a bit of a hottie in the cheeky chappie\rugged solider\public school kind of way. 
But actually I am not feeling the joy of the occasion. Nor do I feel the need to join in the celebrations, to go to London to squeeze into the crowds, buy the souvenirs or even to watch it on TV during the day.  Besides I am sure there will be a highlights show on the Beeb later that night.  The reason for this is simple, we do not know each other, hard to believe in this celebrity obsessed culture that we live in but it’s true.  We are strangers to each other, our paths will never cross.  Yes, William will be someone that will be forever in history and perhaps that is why I should feel compelled to celebrate but is it enough?
So William and Catherine (Kate, far too common now) I do wish you well and I hope you can make your marriage work, which I am sure the Queen will be hoping as well.  But I’m afraid I will be one of the ones not celebrating with you.


Emma said...

Not sure I care much either... but I am looking forward to a get together with friends on the day, we will half watch it whilst enjoying real English food (smuggled back from M&S) and the excuse to open some bubbly! Emma :)

Frankie P said...

Sounds like a good way to celebrate. No M&S, i don't think i would be able to cope without their food x

Mari's World said...

Well I sahll be in the car with the family travelling down to Cornwall for a 3 night break AND it's my birthday so no, the Royal Wedding will not exceed My Day. I'll probably look at on the news later though and admire her dress/hair/jewels etc :)
I wouldn't buy new clothes just dig out what they wore at Xmas - that'll do!

Frankie P said...

Cornwall, love it. Hope you have a happy birthday x