Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Shameful Fridge!

I have been tagged by Jennie over at Edspire with the “what is in your fridge?” meme.

Well to be honest, not a lot at the moment as shopping day isn’t until tomorrow.  I did think to myself that perhaps I would wait until it was nice and full, bursting with colour and healthy food.  But then I thought that would be cheating as the fridge is only full like that for a few days after the weekly shop so it’s not really showing who I am.  I tend to do one big shop a week and then a couple of smaller ones during the week for fresh fruit and veg

So here goes....

Munch Bunches
Mint Choc Biscuits from NZ
Chicken Stock (Why I don't know!)
Tomato Ketchup
Red Bull
Coke Zero
Bottle of wine
Wilted Lettuce
Bag of Pears
More Chocolate – It is Easter afterall..

Nail Polish....  Yes really?
Cranberry Juice
Apple Juice
Chocolate again..
Another bottle of wine.

Apart from the Munch Bunches you can’t really tell that two little people live in the house as well.  It is pretty bad really, don’t you think?

So I am now going to tag JoJo's So called Life and mum2alesha.  Sorry ladies if you have already done this.


mum2alesha said...

Mmm mint choco biscuits from NZ :)

I love Munch Bunches, tend to normally buy them for Alesha and Muller for us but I eat hers and she eats ours haha x

Mrs E said...

The Nail polish is very interesting?!! Why?!

Frankie P said...

I really can't remember the reason why to do it. But I have been doing it for years now.. Always a talking point when I open the fridge...

jennie said...

Why do you keep nail polish in your fridge?

Frankie P said...

So i did a bit of googling about why i keep them in the fridge and got some mixed reviews but apparently..

Mari's World said...

I've heard about keepign your nail polish in the fridge too but I don't as I hardly ever wear it as much as I'd like to!
Lovely clean tidy fridge you've got there, I've been tagged on this one too and need to get round to doing it