Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Battle Stations

We have been having a bit of a silent battle in the Parker household.  In terms of domestic discord it isn’t a major one but it is enough to start getting on my wick.  You see we always used to listen to the same radio station but now thanks to DAB radio that is slowly changing. 
Over the last year Radio 5 Live has slowly crept into my life, oh joy!  Now to be fair I do think Fighting Talk can be quite funny on a Saturday morning to listen to over coffee and the papers. But do I really need to listen to it a 6.30 when I am having a shower?  Well according to Mr P, I do as he is in the bathroom shaving so I have to listen to what he wants.  Okay, okay, I see his point but he has even changed our alarm to Radio 5 so no longer do I wake to the sound of music but to people droning on and on and if I am lucky a travel report.  Which let’s face it is no longer relevant to me anymore.  It’s enough to make you fall asleep which I inevitably do anyway..
So a typical day in the weekend is spent with me changing the station as I go into the family room and Mr P changing it back when I leave and vice versa..  This has worked well so far as it is done without any tension or sly remarks as we have kind of accepted that it is the way it is.  However Mr P has now taken this one step too far, it is now affecting the one and only sanctum which is left to me....  THE CAR! 
But the worse thing is that it isn’t necessary Radio 5 that may be on but a Pop station!!  The rock chick inside me cringes when the car comes on with the radio blasting out some hideous pop music which to be honest I have no idea who it is or what they are singing about.  All I know is that if they are in a girl band then they need to eat a few roast dinners.  Now I am not wholly against Pop music as after all the Pop stands for popular music and who doesn’t like a bit of Abba or Kylie after a few drinks.  But the car, the car, my car?  It is me who spends the majority of the week in the car taking the boys here and there; even Son No 1 now wants to listen to “daddy’s station”!  Give me good old guitar riffs any day I say..
So Mr P please do me a favour, I don’t mind the mirrors being changed or the seat being moved just don’t touch the BLOODY RADIO!!


tartankiwi said...

Yay! you joined KMB :-)

Frankie P said...


Mari's World said...

Oh snap! I have Absolute on thanks to Him Indoors and I want it on Radio One and Capital. Can you tell him if you see him as he's not listening to me - cheers!

Frankie P said...

Haha, you guys sound like the exact opposite to us as i am the one that wants to listen to Absolute x

Emma said...

You and I are both having severe radio problems at the moment then! For the past month or so, every hour on the hour, my internet radio retunes itself to another station (just when I am trying to listen to the news!)! It's driving me bananas, hmmm now I am wondering whether my other-half has a remote somewhere?!!...Emma